SISEL International leader Jef Welch committed to Mower Mission

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Published: 15th February 2008
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Neways distributors throughout the world are finding out their products contain more than just safe ingredients. And since Neways has sold out to giant Golden Gate Capitals, with an intent to go public their products are becoming more and more at question in the safe personal care product market. This drew the attention of Jef Welch, an individual who believes in a mission the Mower Mission.

The Mower Mission is believed to be a mission of purity, a mission which gains it's name from the founder of Neways, Tom Mower. Mr. Mower is a chemist who has devoted his life to the creation of the world's safest line of personal care products through the omission of harmful ingredients such as sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), propylene glycol, parabens, and many others.

During the sell of Neways to Golden Gate Capitals in 2006, Tom Mower was not required to sign a non-compete with the Neways company. With the Neways company leadership not committing to the purity of the Mower Mission, he decided to start a new company called SISEL, which stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity. Tom Mower's new company, Sisel International quickly became one of the fastest growing MLM companies in the world over-night.

Jef Welch, the U.S. founding distributor for Sisel International, has committed himself to the Mower Mission. Jef and his wife Patricia are committed because of the dogmatic approach taken by the SISEL company to provide the world's safest line of personal care products available. Jef Welch is the owner of Five Star Executive, LLC. a company which has been established to forward this message globally through many venues including the website

Jef Welch has studied for years the effects harmful ingredients have on the health of people throughout the world and his passion is to expose the truth about the environmental impact residual poisons, toxins, and other chemicals have on us.

The flagship product of SISEL International is FuCoyDon, a product created using the ingredient fucoidan in it's strongest formulation. This product has created a phenomenal impact on the country of Japan and the U.S. is just now hearing about it. Many studies on fucoidan can be found on where hundreds of medical studies have been performed in relation to cancer, tumor reduction, energy, liver rejuvenation, and many other benefits.

Jef Welch has established a passion for health after loosing his half brother to cancer a few years ago. His brother was not a smoker, not someone who was at abnormal risks. However, like many others, one of three woman get cancer in their life time and one of two men. This is brought on by the bombardment of chemicals we come in contact with on a daily basis and mostly in the bathroom of the home. Through companies such as Sisel, the Mower Mission can become a reality in millions of households worldwide. More can be found at

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